PGC Traffic provides an all-inclusive solution for your work zone closure, taking care of every detail. We are here to set up work zones closures which will protect site workers and motoring public by regulating traffic flow to avoid tie-ups or delays, and allow construction to proceed safely and efficiently. 


From smaller regional roads to the major 400 series highways, special consideration is always given to ingress & egress, linear space restrictions, horizontal and vertical clearance, speed management through the work zone, pedestrian and cyclist safety.

We offer the following solutions for traffic control:


  • Pre-site inspection and consultation
  • Traffic management plans and/or stamped drawings
  • Supply, set up and maintenance of traffic control signs and devices to delineate the temporary work zone
  • Supply and maintenance of electronic signage
  • Supply of crash trucks and Mobile Barriers
  • Temporary and/or permanent pavement marking
  • Mobile operations, very short, short or long duration work zones
  • Off shoulder, shoulder, lane encroachment, partial lane shifts, lane closures, detours or rolling closures