Flaggers are also known as Traffic Control Persons (TCP). Flagging is about more than safety. The motorists have a right to use the roadway quickly and efficiently and TCP’s can help guide them around obstacles and speed the flow of traffic. Our Flaggers are trained to meet provincial regulations ensuring efficient traffic flow. 


Our fully trained and certified crews work with state of the art equipment to ensure safe and efficient movement of traffic.

We offer the following Traffic Flagging Services:


  • Help to prevent conflict between workers, work zone activities, opposing road traffic, work vehicles and pedestrians
  • Maintain a reduced speed of traffic travelling through/around a work zone
  • Supply and operate pilot or pace vehicles
  • Organize paid duty police officers where applicable
  • Supply and maintenance of temporary signals such as Automated Flagger Assistance Devices, Portable Lane Control Signals, Portable Temporary Traffic Signals, Temporary Traffic Signals and Mobile Barriers (click to Mobile Barriers page) where flagging may not be suitable
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